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The Big Bang Theory

From the younger Justin Beiber's Emu cut to Taylor Swift's assymetric bangs, the types of bangs are endless.  The concern with long bangs is with particular styled bangs that cover a single eye for a very long time.  Vision can become reduced in that eye.

Ever think twice of the type of hairstyle you choose, or how long you keep that style?  You may want to consider an alternative if you've had it for a while.

The BIG BANG Theory in this case, isnt the TV sitcom.  Though it may sound silly, the theory is:

If your bangs are too long, and they are covering one particular eye for an extended amount of time, then that occluded eye can start to weaken as time proceeds.

Some examples of hair styles to avoid having for a lengthy time are:

How long does it have to be occluded for?  Covering your eye with anything (even hair) is not a concern for short periods of time.  If its all day, everyday, as a particular hair style would provide, then this may be an issue.

Occluding an eye in the Optometric or Ophthalmogy world is performed purposely as a treatment for AMBLYOPIA.  The occlusion of the good eye allows the weaker eye to get the necessary time it requires to build neural pathways to the brain.  In this way, we establish a stronger connection and the vision can begin to sharpen, however, if we occlude any particular eye for too long, for instance if one has a specific type of bang for a very long time (Maybe the individual favors and maintains that type of hairstyle for months to years), then the longterm occlusion of that one eye can deprive it of vision.  This has been known in studies as "Occlusion Amblyopia."

Alternative styles to consider that are OCCLUSION-FREE:

You probably never thought your hairstyle decisions would involve your vision!  Maybe its time to change your hairstyle, and cut those bangs.