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New Colored Contact Lens Advancements

For Centuries there has been much admiration and fascination with vibrant baby blue eyes.  In today's day many have attempted to acheive that beauty through the use of colored contact lenses.  In the past, colored contact lenses did not come close to the standards that clear lenses were able to meet.  Colored Lenses were large, frail, false-looking, and most importantly provided little or no oxygen to the eyes.  Like a chocolate bar we craved them, but deep down we also knew they weren't good for us.  Some folks would purchase them in a mall or a kiosk even though they were aware that the product was from overseas and did not meet FDA codes.  The contacts lenses not being properly fitted would also present an opportunity for infection, scarring and vision loss.  Until now, this was a constant battle for those searching for the ideal colored contact lens.


WIth the release of 'AIR OPTIX COLORS' this year by Alcon, this new lens provides patients with the opportunity to use the same monthly lens they have been using for years ('AIR OPTIX' monthly), and change the color of their eyes.

They are available in 9 different colors including Hazel, Grey, Blue, Green and more.

The lenses are the same size as the monthly lens and can also be made out in your prescription as set by your optometrist.  If your optometrist has already fitted the AIR OPTIX with success, then a refit is not needed.

This is the first colored lens to have a high oxygen content.  The lens provides better eye health as it can now allow your eyes to breath as good as clear contacts.

The AIR OPTIX COLORS is not frail and floppy, it maintains a rigid shape so its easier to insert into your eye and doesnt tear easily

If you are looking to trial the lens and test-drive different colors, the company sells them in 2-packs (1month supply) and also a Rainbow Pack which includes 3 different colors.

Visit their Color Studio for more information @


If you are not wanting a dramatic eye color change but are hoping to enhance its beauty, then you can take a tame approach with the the ACUVUE DEFINE DAILY lens.  The most recent release of this color enhancing lens offers a daily option that provides easy of use.  The Acuvue Define is technically the Acuvue Moist daily lens with a touch of color.  This is the same reputable, healthy, and comfortable lens we have been using on our patients for years with great success.

A-la-carte use makes this lens very convenient.  You can use the daily lenses for special outings or events and dont have to remember to dispose of them 30 days later.  Open a couple blister packs, and away you go!  Just rememer to throw them in the trash before you go to bed.  Whenever you wish to enhance your eye color again, open up another pair and repeat.

The Daily lens option eliminates the need for solution bottles and cases.  More money in your wallet.

A fresh lens every day is a clean and comfortable lens everyday.  This is a more sanitary and hygienic alternative.  Less chance of acquiring an infection and less protein deposit and discomfort.

The lens comes in 30-pack and 90-packs so its easier to purchase less if you dont expect to wear them as an everyday lens.  They are available in a few colors enhancements such as: natural shimmer, sparkle, and shine.

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