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Doctors tweeting about diabetes

The's article "Doctors using social media, tweeting, and texting with patients" is a great example of where the 21st century has taken us.  With diseases such as cancer and diabetes on the climb, doctors are realizing the great need to inform and educate their patients.

Social media has turned us all into social butterflies.  From the latest fashion trends, celebrities getting hitched, to e-recipes, information is only a swipe or click away.  Why not take advantage of this avenue of communication.

The Canadian Diabetes Association states more than 9 million Canadians currently suffer from diabetes or prediabetes.  The government is aware that this number is growing.  The best way to approach this serious problem is through prevention.  They have provided some helpful information regarding diabetes on their webpage to supplement what doctors have been saying for years.  Eat healthy and get yourselves some regular exercise.

Diabetes detection, prevention and treatment are critical.  Complications of uncontrolled sugar levels can arise in the Heart, Kidneys and the Eyes.

Some Symptoms of Diabetes are:  frequent urination and thirst, tingling in hands and feet,  weight change, fatigue and blurred vision.

Prevention of diabetes includes a healthy meal plan, weight control, regular exercise and close sugar control.

Assistance and control of diabetes is managed by your family doctor, dietician, optometrist, and other needed specialists.

Diabetes treatment may include insulin, medications, daily exercise, nutritional changes, and lifestyle management. Obtaining a sugar meter for your home is a good start.  Education of diabetes from healthcare providers is the first step.  If that means the message being transmitted electronically through emails, texts, and tweets, then so be it.