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Bloggers Paradise

Even a blogger has to take a vacation some time or another.   Heres some tips on how you an get your eyes to join in on the vacation.


Focus on providing relaxation to your eyes through the following ways:

1.  Wear your corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) to allow clear comfortable vision

2.  Use the 30/30 rule whenever you are reading or using a computer

3.  Keep your eyes moist and hydrated – use artificial tears daily just as frequently as you would with hand lotion

30/30 RULE

The 30/30 rule is quite simple.  After doing 30 minutes of reading or computer work, take at least 30 seconds off the near work.

Take your eyes away from the near object and look far away.  If you are near a window, look out into the trees and the mountains.  Blink your eyes several times while looking into the distance.  Then you can continue on with the near activity for another 30 minutes.


Just as we get tired from work, school, or the gym our eyes can get overworked as well.  Our busy western lives and modern age is infused with gagdets such as iphones, ipads, and laptops.  We sit on these devices for several hours a day.  Provide your eyes a break and step outside for a change.  Enjoy your surroundings and relax.

We will be taking a few weeks break from the blogging world, hope you can enjoy some time to yourselves as well this spring break!